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Minding Your Own Business is a seminar that is designed to assist individuals with creating a mental wellness policy & procedure that will help promote a healthy balance in their lives.


The goal of this seminar will be to support you, the author and CEO of your life, as you take a non-judgmental evaluation of your current status.  Within this examination, you will have an opportunity to stand in your truth as you learn, how you have been showing up for yourself; why you have been programmed to show up this way, and the necessary changes that need to be made.


This seminar will explain not only the importance of having a policy & procedure in place for your life, but the mental and behavioral modifications needed to navigate the job successfully. 


Additionally, this seminar will discuss not only the significance of your role in this position but the responsibilities and accountability measures that you as the CEO are responsible for when minding your business. 


This seminar will also explore the organizational chart within your business, and what the removal of individuals within your business has the potential to look like, as well as the feelings associated with organizational reconstruction. 


Other vital and key components that will be discussed are the safety rules and regulations that need to be in place when minding your business; reasons why you are so quick to abandon or stop minding your business, and the consequences of abandoning your business and finally, the dress code that is required for you to mind a successful business. 

Minding Your Own Business Workshop

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