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I'm Tammy!



Welcome, my name is Tammy McDonald, your Master Transformational Life Coach. If you have

found this site, this means that you have made a conscious decision to put in the necessary work

to find the balance you need to live a life of joy, contentment and peace.

For years, I have had the honor and privilege to journey with many individuals who were seeking

inner peace. Unfortunately, for many individuals in order to have access help or assistance to

achieve this goal, they had to be in crisis, while others refused to seek help in fear or worry of

being labeled if they asked for help.

After spending 28 years in the human services/mental health field, I began to work with more

and more individuals who preferred a holistic approach to healing. This challenged me and as a

result of that challenge, I created this mental wellness gym. The goal is to assist individuals by

teaching them to heal their mind, body, and spirit being. There is nothing more rewarding in this

world than arming individuals with the necessary tools to not only honor their very existence, but

through love, offer themselves the patience and grace to work through life’s obstacles.

The joy to this entire experience is that I will be sharing the same techniques, strategies, and

holistic approaches that I have and continue to apply in my own life. The journey to healing the

whole person is priceless I invite you to take this amazing voyage to finding the healthiest

version of you. Come on, I’ll hold a space for you!!!!


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